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With the skies ever-present above us, there is a natural human
curiosity to look, contemplate and wonder about the heavens. This
giant laboratory above us is available to everyone to explore on a
philosophical and aesthetic level. Project ASTRO aims to improve and
enhance astronomy education in New Mexico by offering educators
support in teaching astronomy. Through Project ASTRO, educators are
invited to form a partnership with an astronomer who volunteers to
work in their classroom. This partnership will give students an
opportunity to do astronomy,  while establishing a relationship with
a scientist,  and further their understanding of the universe.

The mission of the Project ASTRO - New Mexico Coalition is to: 

	* financially sustain Project ASTRO activities in New Mexico; 
	* recruit astronomers and identify teachers for future involvement; 
	* establish a community of astronomers and educators who promote
	    astronomy education as an essential part of science education;
	* expand Project ASTRO services to all New Mexico teachers and
	    astronomers; and
	* integrate Project ASTRO activities into the
	    mission of their own institutions.

Four specific strategies address these project goals:

  • Offering training to teachers and astronomers in leading age-appropriate hands-on astronomy activities and programs.
  • Providing exemplary materials and resources to participants, including astronomy activities and audiovisual aids.
  • Encouraging and supporting partners in tailoring their program to the needs, interest, and resources at each local site.
  • Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the partnerships and the approaches in the pilot program to see what works best.

Questions on Project Astro
Kenn Hitchcock - Director

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